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Gaza War & Ashqelon



PM: 5 miles north of Gaza in the south part of Ashqelon when I got asked by a park ranger to leave.  I had heard several explosions during the day thinking it was Hamas’s daily barrage of very limited range missles.  At one point I heard an explosion to my left then an explosion to my right which did not make sense and I assumed I misheard somehow.  I was in a park in the South part of Ashqelon when I park ranger began to yell at me in Hebrew. I couldn’t understand him. He kept yelling and yelled at some others who didn’t tell me what he was yelling about. I asked some little kids but they just looked at me strange and walked away. So the ranger came up to me and told me the park was closed and I had to leave. I asked him if it was because of the bombing and he said yes. He said go anywhere in Israel but not Ashqelon. He was acting as if this was a big deal but I thought Hamas was throwing bombs their way daily so I didn’t know what the big deal was until I got back to Jerusalem and learned that some of the explosions I had heard was the IDF and not just Hamas. Also that Hamas had longer range missiles that could reach into Ashqelon and by the news reports did.  Besides the explosions I saw numerous Apache helicopters overhead and seemingly over Gaza. Making it back to Jerusalem, I heard gun shots long into the night towards the Old City from where I stay in French Hill. Reportedly tear gas shots to subdue Palestinian rioting.ashqelonsouthshipsashqelonapache

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