January 29th, 2009

georgebustHello, I’m George Knerr, welcome to my South Sudanese Refugees in Israel blog.  I’m a volunteer working with the South Sudanese Refugees in Israel.  Approximately 3,000 South Sudanese Refugees are in Israel.  War torn Sudan and the resulting genocide perpetrated by the Muslim North Sudan caused millions of South Sudanese to flee their country.  A number of these refugees escaped into Egypt only to find much of the same religious and ethnic persecution they thought they left behind in Sudan.  Rapes, murders, imprisonment and apparent organ mining of the South Sudanese in Egypt forces many of them to seek safe haven in Israel.  Even this poses its risk as many South Sudanese are killed at the border by Egyptian Border Patrol while trying to cross into Israel.

Now in Israel, though much safer thanks to this great nation, the South Sudanese still face many difficulties as they struggle to survive as refugees.  The refugees are in need of work and education.  Many are struggling to keep out of the streets as the hospitality industry has slowed to a crawl in Israel laying off many of the South Sudanese Refugees.

Please take time to browse and search the blog for points of interest to you and consider supporting the South Sudan Refugees in Israel.

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