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Here are my photos of the South Sudanese Refugees here in Israel.  Though our main focus are the South Sudanese there are Darfurians who are also in the pictures such as in the ESL Class photo album.

South Sudanese School in Arad, Israel

This is the South Sudanese School in Arad, Israel. A town near the Dead Sea where many South Sudanese find jobs. The school was started by Kuc and Joseph and has kindergarden through middle age students, i.e. anyone who wants to learn.

South Sudanese Mother with Three Sons

This young mother, a South Sudanese, lives in Arad, Israel with her three sons. Arad is home to several South Sudanese families who commute to the Dead Sea for work at the hotels.

Eilat, Israel Children

This young child lost his leg by Egyptian bullets while crossing the border into the safety of Israel. Egyptians continue to the hour killing and maiming with total disregard.

Elizabeth and Her Children

Elizabeth was visiting Jerusalem from Tel Aviv for Shabbat. Elizabeth along with the all the Tel Aviv South Sudanese residents were asked to leave Tel Aviv, one of the few cities with work. Elizabeth's oldest son was picked up by the police for being in Tel Aviv and put in jail.

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