Nizzan or Nitsan Israel

December 26th, 2008 No comments

Left for Ashqelon which I was told was the place to find some eroded old cities against the shore line on the Mediterranean. After spending an hour just trying to get out of Jeruslam in my little diesal rent-a-car I decided to scrap the back road and go to Tel Aviv then drop straight south the Ashqelon. The southern part of Ashqelon is about 5 miles north of the Gaza strip. The park is my goal which is in the southern part of Ashqelon. I ended up staying the night in Nizzan (Nitsan) just north of Ashqelon.

PM: Picked up a couple who where hitching a ride (they were observing Shabbat) and took them to a restaurant/pub then proceeded to find a camping spot for myself. They invited me to meet with them after I got settled so I spent some time talking with them both. The man was just out of the IDF for a few years and was an underwater demolition officer. He now dives professionally.

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ESL Book Order

December 24th, 2008 No comments

Will Smethers and I went to the printer to order the printing of 20 more ESL books that Will purchased for the classes at Gabriel’s that Will and other Hebrew University Students are teaching.

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ESL Class at Gabriel’s

December 23rd, 2008 No comments

eslatgabriels2eslatgabriels1Will Smethers a student at Hebrew University is volunteering along with others to teach English to South Sudanese and Darfurians at Gabriel’s apartment. Will has also funded the purchase of 20 ESL (English as a Second Language) books for these classes.

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Arad South Sudanese School

December 22nd, 2008 No comments



We stayed overnight at Joseph’s apartment and left for the Sudanese Center (school) in Arad, a school created by the South Sudan Union for Refugees in Israel. Here we met some of the staff and a few of the children. Most of the mother were off work so they kept there children at home. We also delivered the ESL books and clothing. The children began to come and we spent time playing with them and having fun. aradschoolchild1



Arad, Israel Trip

December 21st, 2008 No comments

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Made it back to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv in time to rent a car from EL Dan, met Gabriel and Sara (left) and picked up the ESL books from the printer for out trip to Arad near the Dead Sea. A number of Sudanese live here and take a bus to the resorts on the Dead Sea for work. The ESL books were to be delivered to the Sudanese Center a school for the Sudanese supported by the South Sudan Union for Refugees in Israel. Before leaving Jerusalem we stopped back by Gabriel’s to pick up clothing donated by Sharon a student at Hebrew University for the Arad South Sudanese. We stayed at Joseph Kuc’s apartment, the Secretary General of the South Sudan Union for Refugees. To the right you can see us eating with Sara and Joseph the the left and Gabriel and I to the right.

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Sophia Visit in Tel Aviv/Jaffa

December 20th, 2008 No comments

telavivchurchsmlsophiaI visited Sophia at the Old Jaffa Hostel, my friend from South Africa who spends months at a time here in Israel. I met Sophia on my first visit and spent time talking to her about many things including my work with the Sudanese in which Sophia has given a lot of good advice.

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Hebrew University Talk

December 18th, 2008 No comments

AM: Met with Victor Kalisher Director of the Bible Society in Israel. We shared the work that both of us are doing with the Sudanese refugees. I shared the ESL curriculum with Victor and the quote I had for printing and Victor was able to take me to a printing place and save me about 1600 ILS. Victor has an ESL class in Tel Aviv and is interested in using the curriculum also. I made the order for the ESL curriculum which will be ready Sunday afternoon.

Hebrew University Talk - Simon and MollieHebrew University TalkPM: We, along with 4 Darfurians and two South Sudanese attended the Hebrew University talk set up by Mollie Gerver also a student at Hebrew University. The Darfurians and South Sudanese where not permitted to enter the University without more pre-aprroval, hence the talk was held outside overlooking the Jordan Valley and Mountains. Mollie has been instrumental in many efforts to support the South Sudanese here in Israel. The talk featured Gabriel Kuol and Simon Deng, both sharing their experience as a result of Muslim oppression and their concerns for the South Sudanese refugees in Israel.

Sudanese Murdered on Egyptian Border

December 17th, 2008 No comments

Tragic news was received today. Gabriel’s Darfurian roommates received a phone call from Egypt where it was said that 86 Sudanese died at the hands of Egyptian border patrol. There are plans to take some form of action against yet another series of deaths at the Egyptian-Israeli border.  So many have died at the hands of Egyptian Border patrol.  Read this article to see how the Egyptians seem to have no value for human life.  Egyptians Killed 4 Sudanes.

Spent day running errands getting a quote on 80 ESL book printings coming in at bout $850 US. There are about 70 children/students in the Dead Sea area in need of curriculum.

Hebrew University Meeting

December 16th, 2008 No comments

AM: Worked on ESL curriculum for Arad (Dead Sea) school where about 70 children are being taught.

Hebrew University Student MeetingSudanese and Brazilian Missionary and DaughterPM: Mollie invited students from Hebrew University to come and listen to the testimonies of Gabriel’s roommates those both from Darfur and Sudan. After the testimonies explaining that the Sudanese refugees had fled for their lives, the students asked questions. Then the students where given a chance to volunteer for various needs of the Sudanese. One in particular was learning English. A number of the students volunteered and they agreed to meet again next week. We were also visited by Djealma Belmount a humanitarian Christian worker with World Mobilization and his daughter both coming from of Brazil (Click on picture on the right.)

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Israeli Foriegn Affairs Meeting

December 15th, 2008 No comments

minforiegnaffiarslogoAccompanied Simon Deng to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office here in Jerusalem. Simon had obtained this meeting through a contact he made in Geneva on his recent visit to the UN. We met with Simona Halperin, Director of International Organizations & Human Rights Department.   See minutes for this meeting by clicking Minutes Ministry Foreign Affairs Meeting.

I then got invited by Benjamin A. Philip of the Hineni Jerusalem Organization, who were to interview Simon, to accompany them back to their office and speak with them as well as watch Simon get video interviewed. Benjamin invited me back to speak with him again.