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Arad South Sudanese School

December 22nd, 2008 No comments



We stayed overnight at Joseph’s apartment and left for the Sudanese Center (school) in Arad, a school created by the South Sudan Union for Refugees in Israel. Here we met some of the staff and a few of the children. Most of the mother were off work so they kept there children at home. We also delivered the ESL books and clothing. The children began to come and we spent time playing with them and having fun. aradschoolchild1



Arad, Israel Trip

December 21st, 2008 No comments

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Made it back to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv in time to rent a car from EL Dan, met Gabriel and Sara (left) and picked up the ESL books from the printer for out trip to Arad near the Dead Sea. A number of Sudanese live here and take a bus to the resorts on the Dead Sea for work. The ESL books were to be delivered to the Sudanese Center a school for the Sudanese supported by the South Sudan Union for Refugees in Israel. Before leaving Jerusalem we stopped back by Gabriel’s to pick up clothing donated by Sharon a student at Hebrew University for the Arad South Sudanese. We stayed at Joseph Kuc’s apartment, the Secretary General of the South Sudan Union for Refugees. To the right you can see us eating with Sara and Joseph the the left and Gabriel and I to the right.

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