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ESL Book Order

December 24th, 2008 No comments

Will Smethers and I went to the printer to order the printing of 20 more ESL books that Will purchased for the classes at Gabriel’s that Will and other Hebrew University Students are teaching.

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ESL Class at Gabriel’s

December 23rd, 2008 No comments

eslatgabriels2eslatgabriels1Will Smethers a student at Hebrew University is volunteering along with others to teach English to South Sudanese and Darfurians at Gabriel’s apartment. Will has also funded the purchase of 20 ESL (English as a Second Language) books for these classes.

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Arad, Israel Trip

December 21st, 2008 No comments

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Made it back to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv in time to rent a car from EL Dan, met Gabriel and Sara (left) and picked up the ESL books from the printer for out trip to Arad near the Dead Sea. A number of Sudanese live here and take a bus to the resorts on the Dead Sea for work. The ESL books were to be delivered to the Sudanese Center a school for the Sudanese supported by the South Sudan Union for Refugees in Israel. Before leaving Jerusalem we stopped back by Gabriel’s to pick up clothing donated by Sharon a student at Hebrew University for the Arad South Sudanese. We stayed at Joseph Kuc’s apartment, the Secretary General of the South Sudan Union for Refugees. To the right you can see us eating with Sara and Joseph the the left and Gabriel and I to the right.

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Hebrew University Meeting

December 16th, 2008 No comments

AM: Worked on ESL curriculum for Arad (Dead Sea) school where about 70 children are being taught.

Hebrew University Student MeetingSudanese and Brazilian Missionary and DaughterPM: Mollie invited students from Hebrew University to come and listen to the testimonies of Gabriel’s roommates those both from Darfur and Sudan. After the testimonies explaining that the Sudanese refugees had fled for their lives, the students asked questions. Then the students where given a chance to volunteer for various needs of the Sudanese. One in particular was learning English. A number of the students volunteered and they agreed to meet again next week. We were also visited by Djealma Belmount a humanitarian Christian worker with World Mobilization and his daughter both coming from of Brazil (Click on picture on the right.)

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ESL & Tel Aviv Meeting

December 12th, 2008 No comments

AM: Spent time discussing at Gabriel’s apartment with the South Sudan Union for Refugees in Israel their current educational programs namely Arad (Dead Sea) and required ESL (English as a Second Language curriculum needs based on student level. There are approximately 70 students in the Dead Sea Sudanese school. Eilat is looking at about the same number of students but has not began yet and with the unfortunate new policies in place by the Israeli government requiring many Eilat companies to fire their Sudanese workers and requiring many of the Sudanese to leave Eilat, the future of the school is uncertain.

PM: Went to Tel-Aviv to visit my precious friend Sophia who is staying out the Old-Jaffa Hostel. I was going to stay the night at the hostel, an earlier phone call to the hostel going unanswered, only to find out that there was “no room at the inn”. So Sophia and I spent a couple of hours catching up and talking about current geo-political affairs as they might relate to spiritual matters before I needed to head back to the Tel Aviv central bus station (about an hour’s walk as I decided to save on cab fair) to catch a shurut (small bus) to Jerusalem. It is Shabbat so the main buses don’t run. Got back to Gabriel’s apartment where he was watching a program on the worldwide history of racism. The landlord just gave him a TV and apparently the TV cable service is active. The program we watched together showed racism against a number of people groups all over the world throughout recent history. A good part of it was racism in the United States. The popularity of lynching African Americans and the crowds of “exuberant” onlookers was very disturbing. I wondered how this would affect how Gabriel felt about the United States after watching the program. It is an unfortunate part of an otherwise great countries history.

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