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Hebrew University Talk

December 18th, 2008 No comments

AM: Met with Victor Kalisher Director of the Bible Society in Israel. We shared the work that both of us are doing with the Sudanese refugees. I shared the ESL curriculum with Victor and the quote I had for printing and Victor was able to take me to a printing place and save me about 1600 ILS. Victor has an ESL class in Tel Aviv and is interested in using the curriculum also. I made the order for the ESL curriculum which will be ready Sunday afternoon.

Hebrew University Talk - Simon and MollieHebrew University TalkPM: We, along with 4 Darfurians and two South Sudanese attended the Hebrew University talk set up by Mollie Gerver also a student at Hebrew University. The Darfurians and South Sudanese where not permitted to enter the University without more pre-aprroval, hence the talk was held outside overlooking the Jordan Valley and Mountains. Mollie has been instrumental in many efforts to support the South Sudanese here in Israel. The talk featured Gabriel Kuol and Simon Deng, both sharing their experience as a result of Muslim oppression and their concerns for the South Sudanese refugees in Israel.

Simon Deng

December 13th, 2008 No comments

AM: Got up relatively early this morning. I felt rested after about 6 hours sleep. I boiled some water and made tea for those awake. I managed to find a little instant coffee stuck to the bottom of the jar for myself. Then I began this blog. Simon Deng arrives tonight. Simon is a South Sudanese humanitarian who is going to spend a week to 10 days here in Israel working to bring attention to the needs of the South Sudanese Refugees in Israel. Simon has met in the past with some high level political figures such as George W. Bush (article) and Barrack H. Obama.

Simon Deng DinnerPM: We met Simon Deng at his hotel near Zion Square in Jerusalem. We greeted each other and then proceeded to go to dinner. Primary discussion centered around the still vary alive and very deadly notion held by some in government and one NGO in particular, and that is repatriation of the South Sudanese. It is still the opinion of those who are very familiar with South Sudan’s current state that to return the refugees now could mean harm or even death.

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