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ESL & Tel Aviv Meeting

December 12th, 2008 No comments

AM: Spent time discussing at Gabriel’s apartment with the South Sudan Union for Refugees in Israel their current educational programs namely Arad (Dead Sea) and required ESL (English as a Second Language curriculum needs based on student level. There are approximately 70 students in the Dead Sea Sudanese school. Eilat is looking at about the same number of students but has not began yet and with the unfortunate new policies in place by the Israeli government requiring many Eilat companies to fire their Sudanese workers and requiring many of the Sudanese to leave Eilat, the future of the school is uncertain.

PM: Went to Tel-Aviv to visit my precious friend Sophia who is staying out the Old-Jaffa Hostel. I was going to stay the night at the hostel, an earlier phone call to the hostel going unanswered, only to find out that there was “no room at the inn”. So Sophia and I spent a couple of hours catching up and talking about current geo-political affairs as they might relate to spiritual matters before I needed to head back to the Tel Aviv central bus station (about an hour’s walk as I decided to save on cab fair) to catch a shurut (small bus) to Jerusalem. It is Shabbat so the main buses don’t run. Got back to Gabriel’s apartment where he was watching a program on the worldwide history of racism. The landlord just gave him a TV and apparently the TV cable service is active. The program we watched together showed racism against a number of people groups all over the world throughout recent history. A good part of it was racism in the United States. The popularity of lynching African Americans and the crowds of “exuberant” onlookers was very disturbing. I wondered how this would affect how Gabriel felt about the United States after watching the program. It is an unfortunate part of an otherwise great countries history.

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South Sudan Union for Refugees in Israel Exec Meeting

December 11th, 2008 No comments

AM: Executive members (Bol Mot Thirial – President, Kuc Manyang – Secretary General and Gordan Meen Maker – Secretary of Services) began to show up at Gabriel’s apartment for the meeting at the Jerusalem hostel. I was introduced and we began to discuss the issues at hand. Namely the new policy, one similar to the one affecting Tel Aviv, and that is that the Sudanese have been told to leave Eilat where precious few jobs could be found. The employers in Eilat have been told to fire the refugee workers and will be fined if they don’t.

PM: The executive meeting at the hostel began at 12:00 noon where three new attendees joined us (Mollie G, Steve, William Dot- Secretary of Finance). For the brief period that Mollie and Steve were there we discussed Simon Deng’s visit with Mollie in an attempt to set up a venue for Simon and Gabriel to speak at and Steve discussed the University volunteer program he is working on where University students would teach some classes on their particular discipline to the South Sudanese Refugee leadership. The bulk of the meeting was in Dinka but was later updated by Gabriel as to the subjects touched upon..